Jaywalking is the story of two directionless dudes named Nate and Aaron.  Nate is 19 and works as an assistant manager at Valley Burger.  He’s a sweet hearted kid who lives in a seedy motel, plays online games, and is getting over an intense breakup. It shook him to his core.  

Aaron is 30, and an insurance salesman at his father’s agency, Stendahl Insurance.  He likes to think of himself as street-smart, but it's probably more accurate to say that he's is in a state of constant arrested development ever since his mom died.

Through a chance meeting at a grocery store in June, at a silly contest to see who can stay inside a tent the longest, Aaron and Nate form the beginnings of an unlikely partnership. Sure they win a tent, but it's more than that, it's the start of something real.  

Throughout the movie, they brush shoulders with a macho snowmobiler named Sleddog, who forces Nate and Aaron to face their fears and become something they never thought they could become: confident men.

Logline: Two losers. One summer. Lessons for life. 

RT: 79 minutes